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Smoking e-cigarettes and Vapes on the rise in dubai

Smoking e-cigarettes and Vapes on the rise among students, experts say

Rise in Vaping E-Cigarettes Among UAE Students: A Growing Concern

In the UAE, the rise of vaping among students has become a significant health concern. Parents discovered their 17-year-old daughter was vaping after a doctor’s visit for breathlessness. Despite initially perceiving vaping as harmless, She experienced worsening symptoms, leading to an early diagnosis of cardiovascular dysfunction.

Health Impacts of Vaping

Specialist Dr. highlighted the cardiovascular and respiratory risks associated with vaping. Vaping chemicals can cause inflammation and oxidative stress in blood vessels, leading to heart diseases and respiratory issues. Similarly, Dr. emphasized that vaping affects brain development and increases the risk of addiction, with teens being seven times more likely to smoke regular cigarettes later.

Regulatory Measures and Challenges

Vaping products are legally restricted to individuals over 18 in the UAE, governed by Federal Law No. 15 of 2009 on Tobacco Control. Despite regulations, underage students often access these products, posing a challenge for authorities.

Educational Initiatives

To combat this trend, some students from Dubai Schools have initiated awareness campaigns. They developed an interactive educational module highlighting vaping’s negative effects, which has been well-received and is set to roll out in other schools. Educators are also being trained to recognize vaping signs and maintain open communication with parents.


Addressing the vaping epidemic among UAE students requires a multifaceted approach, including strict enforcement of regulations, educational initiatives, and continuous parental and educator involvement. By raising awareness and providing support, the UAE aims to mitigate the health risks associated with vaping and protect its youth.

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