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Showing all 24 results

Smooth-3000 – Going all in for vaping smoothness

Vaping perfection can now be defined with one brand. At the heart of Smooth-3000 lies a commitment to combining tech features and pod components that deliver the ultimate smoothness in terms of throat hits. With every inhale, these vapes take your adventure to new heights.

Lauded for its even hits and balanced puffs, Smooth 3000 has upped the ante for its disposable series. Within them, you will find the intricate mouthpiece that ensures each draw is as comfortable as it is satisfying. Powered by 1250mAh batteries, these disposables are unbeatable for extended vaping sessions that keep up with your pace. For safety, they are also upgraded with overtime and low-voltage protection features, allowing you to indulge without worries.

Order your Smooth-3000 vape as a rare flavor

See your taste buds rejoice as your go-to vaping brand brings you the flavors you adore. There are many classics shared by devices from other big and small names, but Smooth-3000 disposable vapes for sale add variety to your choices. What you are unlikely to find with other brands include:

  • French Grape. This blend will remind you of France with every puff.
  • Cinnamon Gum. Why not plunge yourself into nostalgia for cozy vaping sessions?
  • Virginia Tobacco. It’s time to pay homage to the rich heritage of tobacco.
  • Red Bull. There’s no better way to ignite your senses and fire up your inner resources.
  • Ice Cola. Savor the refreshing coolness reminiscent of your fave drink.
  • Red Wine. There’s no alcohol, but true indulgence will complement your puffs.
  • Kiwi Strawberry. Berry flavors are countless, but this one is a rare concoction that’s equal parts fruity and invigorating.

The most reasonable Smooth-3000 prices in the UAE

No vaping enthusiast wants to be held back from vaping their way just because online stores and brands experiment with the highs of their pricing strategies. We say a resounding ‘No’ to such endeavors at Vapor Station UAE! Our pricing is locally adjusted so UAE residents can afford the best of Smooth-3000.

Stop paying for something you didn’t ask for. Buy your Smooth-3000 vape for stress-free portability and low-attention sessions. These disposables are for your on-the-go lifestyle and can be sent to Dubai and nationwide.