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Showing all 19 results

VAAL disposables for sale – Transition with confidence

If you are new to VAAL, there’s something you must know about this brand. VAAL is ahead of its time with game-changing pod features to refine your journey from smoking to vaping. Because transitions can be tricky, the company puts a premium on developing devices that make them less bumpy and more satisfying. To discover them in a wink, buy a VAAL pen vape that catches your fancy at Vapor Station UAE!

Transitions are not the only reason to proceed with VAAL. For those taking their first steps and considering their first vape, the brand has shifted its focus to numerous options for beginners. With reasonable nicotine strengths and flavors that resonate with first-time vapers – such as the beloved Cheesecake, restorative Watermelon blends, and galvanizing Mint combinations – VAAL pods are bound to be your newfound passion.

Unleash your puffs with a VAAL disposable vape

VAAL takes pride of place in the affordable vaping category. However, its devices give you more than you might have expected. 

While VAAL vape prices are turned away from the fanciest setups, the brand’s pods have a lot to offer. For starters, you can choose between 6500 and 4500 puffs. The former options are a level-up from the same-range vaping devices and are pre-filled to satisfy your vaping cravings for longer than alternatives.

Whether you’re in the market for rechargeable disposables that keep the hits coming or standard disposables that don’t require recharging, VAAL brings both options to you. For the icing on the cake, its airflow-adjustable pods allow you to get each session right while controlling your draws and personalizing your experience.

Nicotine strengths and accessibility

Depending on the disposable type, VAAL pods come in two nicotine strengths – 5% and 2%. Your best pick is what works for your cravings or transition needs. Whether you want to absorb the bold satisfaction of 5% nicotine or prefer a more subtle experience with 2%, VAAL empowers you to put your preferences at the forefront.

Your coveted experience is just a click away at Vapor Station UAE. Here you can order VAAL pods in the UAE online by picking a vape type, the number of devices, and flavors. And if you’re in Dubai, the convenience gets even better. Be sure to schedule the arrival of your separate VAAL vapes or kits with our same-day delivery!