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E-cigarettes and electronic shisha: is there a difference? Enjoy the community and relax: the water pipe originates from Arab culture. In a water pipe (also known as shisha or nargile), coal is used to heat the tobacco and the smoke produced passes through a water tank before being inhaled. Shisha has been traditionally practised in Eastern regions since the 17th century. There is a sense of warmth and community in shisha. In contrast to other exotic stimulants such as coffee, chocolate and tea, the water pipe has only recently taken root in Europe.

e-cigarette vs. shisha shisha : vaping or smoking?

A comparison between e-cigarettes and e-shisha. Tobacco, on the other hand, came to England via the Netherlands in the middle of the 16th century and eventually started spread. Tobacco was initially intended to be smelled. Due to its carcinogenic properties, its popularity as a drunk has declined in Western countries. On the other hand, more and more people are discovering the oriental way of enjoying food through smoke and vapour. Shisha is also an eye-catcher in living rooms and cafés. To enjoy it on the go, electric versions are also available. They are more colourful than e-cigarettes and, in contrast to large water pipes, are easier to carry around. In the event of a pandemic, it is more hygienic to have your own electronic shisha or e-cig than to exchange mouthpieces with other vapers. It also allows you to enjoy the flavour of your choice.

A small water pipe in the tradition of the Orient

After the electronic cigarette conquered the market, the electronic hookah appeared. The principle of the electronic shisha and the e-cigarette is the same: a liquid (aromatic liquid) is heated and converted into a vapor, which is then inhaled. The evaporating head has a so-called heating coil, a wire-like core made of fibreglass or wool, which protrudes into the tank of liquid. When the firehead is activated, the heating coil is heated by the battery and the e-liquid is vaporised. The vaporised liquid is inhaled through the vaporiser housing and exhaled through the mouthpiece. The larger the opening, the lower the resistance.

Difference between E-cigarette and E-shisha

The difference between an E-cigarette and an E-shisha lies in the details. Most e-cigarettes require you to press an ignition button. An electric shisha, on the other hand, is activated when you inhale the smoke and then switches off automatically. e-cigs are usually more colourful and eye-catching in design and are slightly cheaper. In contrast to e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes are often used only once and have to be discarded after a few enjoyable smoking experiences. Until now, the only liquid available for e-cigarettes has been nicotine-free. More recently, this technology has been further developed as rechargeable e-fuccas now have the same battery capacity as e-cigarettes and can be filled with tobacco.

The term e-shisha is based on the famous water pipe (shisha or sheesha). Nowadays, very fruity tobacco is consumed, containing very little nicotine. The term “e-cigarette” is still incorrect, as it is based on nicotine tobacco and implies the vaporisation of a nicotine-containing liquid.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes and electronic shisha

Is it sweet or is it powerful steam? Try it and smoke it. Fruit-based liquids have a pleasant, sweet and fruity taste. Varieties such as apple, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, currant, cherry, forest berry and wild strawberry, as well as Mediterranean and exotic flavours such as watermelon, pomegranate, passion fruit and mango are classic. Some vapers enjoy the fruity or sweet tobacco flavours when smoking electronic shisha or e-cigarettes, but those who prefer a stronger taste can be satisfied with tobacco or menthol.

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