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Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Pods Cartridge is a set of replacement vape pods designed for the Uwell Caliburn G Pod System Kit. It is made of PCTG and can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. Each pod is refillable, and thanks to its top-fill design, you can fill e-juice stress-free. Remove the mouthpiece cap to expose the filling port. The Caliburn G pods are compatible with the Uwell Caliburn G coils(not included) and can easily be removed and replaced to suit your needs. The pods feature an ergonomic mouthpiece, a removable coil system, and a dual airflow system to provide a satisfactory vaping experience. Two pods per pack.
Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Pods Features
• 2mL Refillable Pod
• Food Grade Plastic Pod Construction
• Top Fill System – Mouthpiece Fill Cap
• Uwell Caliburn G Coil Series
• Press-Fit Coil Installation
• Dual Airflow System
• Two Caliburn G Pods Per Pack
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Caliburn G Replacement Pods SPECIFICATION
E-juice Capacity:2ml
Filling Type: Top Filling
Compatible with: Uwell Caliburn G Pod System Kit / Uwell Caliburn G Coils
2pcs* Uwell Caliburn G Empty Pod Cartridge
How Does the Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit Perform?
I’ve never actually vaped on the original Caliburn but have only heard good things about it. So I was keen to see if this new and improved version lived up to the original’s exacting standards. For the taste test, I used the last of the delicious Super Good Cocktail Selection Nic Salts – a good match for the Uwell Caliburn G pod kit.

Filling the Caliburn G Replacement Pods Kit
First up is the filling method. That drip tip is a bugger to get off, and it’s not just me saying that either. I gave a spare kit to a friend, and she struggled to get it off too. A once-off filling is a doddle with a nice silicon-sealed fill port. The pod is crystal clear, so you have no issues seeing the juice level. Snapping the mouthpiece back on can also be a bit of a pain – still better to be tight than leaky, I guess.

Caliburn G Replacement Pods Coil Swap
The coil is a push and pull style and obviously on the pod’s base. It slots in and out smoothly; however, ensure it is aligned correctly with the locating slot; otherwise, it won’t fire or leak.

Caliburn G Replacement Pods Airflow
There’s dual airflow, and it is simple yet ingenious! On the base of the pod is a tiny airflow hole. If you snap the pod onto the battery and align it with the equally small airflow hole on the side – you’ll get the max amount of air. Pop the pod on with the holes not aligned, and you’ll get a more local vape. I’ll look at how effective that is next.

Caliburn G Replacement Pods Kit 0.8ohm Mesh Coil
I began with the 0.8-ohm mesh coil and, after priming it for 5 minutes – took a vape with the airflow wide open. It’s a lovely loose DTL vape, and the flavor is astounding. On a scale of 1:10, with 10 being very airy, this is about an 8 to 8.5. Swapping the coil around and the vape was even more flavorsome with that little restriction making the flavor pop. Using the same scale, I’d say it was a 7 to 7.5 – still delicate, but that flavor!

Caliburn G Replacement Pods Kit 1.0ohm Coil
Light pod, so I was able to fill that and switch. Again I began with the airflow at its most open. A definite loose – MTL vape with a fair amount of restriction – maybe a tad too tight for my tired old lungs. Switching to the tighter setting, and yup – this is a ‘proper MTL vape.’ As for the flavor? It is simply the scale of an amazing vape with either coil and on either airflow setting.